COVID-19: How to Send a Survey to Clients Before Classes


As governments worldwide begin to loosen restrictions and allow businesses to open back up, we realize that in certain areas, you may be required to have your members complete a survey or questionnaire before they are permitted to attend a class.


If you need to send a new waiver to your members to sign, you can do this one of two ways.

  1. Create a new waiver and attach it to your existing programs
    • This will then issue the newly created waiver to any clients that have access to the programs that the waiver applies to within their membership. 
  2. Edit your existing waiver.
    • Anytime you make a change to your waiver template and click save, this will open up a message prompt:
      mceclip0.pngIf you would like everyone that has previously signed the waiver to sign your updated version, you will need to select "Yes, they should be assigned missing waivers to re-sign".


Another solution you could choose to utilize without sending a waiver to your members to sign would be to add a link to google form on Wodify for your members to fill out. Then you can compare the class attendance list with the google form results, to ensure everyone attending has completed the survey before starting class. 

There are two good places you can choose to add this link in Wodify:

  1. The Workout Comment
    • To add a Workout comment, you can click into your Workout and hit "add comment":                    Any comment you add will populate above your Workout for that specific Workout:                            mceclip0.pngmceclip1.png
  2.  Announcement 
    • To add the link to your announcement, you can navigate to Communications > Announcements: mceclip2.png
    • This announcement will then populate above all available Workouts for the daymceclip3.png                                                                   

      Clients will need to click into the announcement in order for the link to become clickable Login__ts_63685564890__2020-05-08_17-35-36.png


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