What's New: May 22nd, 2020


New! 🚀


  • Membership Template Updates
    • The Classes > Pricing section is now called Memberships!
    • Membership Templates have been re-designed to make it easier to create new membership and payment plan options



  • Automated Emails now have their own section under Communication so they are easier to access and edit. Check out Communication > Automated Emails to see all of the emails that you can set up to be sent to your athletes. Feel free to edit the templates so that they fit your gym!


  • How to Re-Open Your Gym Webinar - As more and more gyms are starting to open back up, we hosted a webinar with Dr. Sean Pastuch, the Founder of Active Life Rx and Active Life Professional to help gym owners prepare for re-opening. 

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Athlete App
    • The Whiteboard link has been fixed!
    • The syncing issues have been resolved so athletes will no longer need to log out and log back in to see changes to WODs and classes
    • WODs will populate under the correct program in the Athlete App
    • Reservation counts are now accurate
    • Announcements with emojis are now supported in the Athlete App
    • There will be no more duplicate classes shown in the app
    • Canceled classes will no longer appear on the class list
    • Classes will be shown for any day the athlete navigates to, not just the next 7 days
    • Classes with reservations enabled will not be marked as "No Reservation Required"
  • Classes
    • Hovering over classes that are less than an hour in duration will show you the reservation count
  • Documents
    • Waivers can now be successfully downloaded in bulk
  • Financial 
    • Wodify subscription invoices can be downloaded for legacy customers
  • WOD
    • + New WOD button has been added to the WOD Calendar for easier access to create new WODs


Coming soon… 

  • Athlete App Improvements
  • Classes section improvements - Our team is taking a deep dive into each section of Wodify to make sure that admins are getting the best user experience possible. First up is Classes!
  • UI improvements for Payment Plans to make creating new membership options a breeze
  • Insights Improvements - including enhanced filtering options for more customized reporting


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