What's New: July 10th, 2020


New! 🚀

  • Updated Payment Plan interface to make it easier to set up new memberships:





Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Appointments
    • Promo codes can now be applied to both the initial appointment service, as well as the renewal 
    • The Google Calendar sync will only pull calendars set to be synced, not all calendars
    • A bug causing an issue switching from week view to day view has been corrected
  • Classes
    • Free Trial leads will not be able to be book another trial session after their trial expires
    • The Free Trial expiration email will not go out for Free Trials that do not expire
    • Athletes that cancel a waitlist spot during the late cancellation window will no longer incur late cancellation penalties
    • 'Stay Signed In' feature fixed to work on the embedded class list
  • Communication
    • 'Appointment Created' automated email will not deliver to Appointment provider when disabled
    • Admins will no longer receive repeated failed attempt emails from an individual failed email attempt
  • Documents
    • Contracts for minors will now clearly display that the signature is the parent's signature
    • A bug that removed contracts from membership templates inadvertently has been fixed
  • Online Sales Portal
    • Permalinks to memberships in the Sales Portal will no longer change when updates are made to the membership template
  • People
    • Issue switching between Guardian and Dependent profiles from the desktop app have been resolved
  • Reporting
    • Inactive members will no longer show up on the Refused Login report
    • The total sum on the Daily Cash Report is now correct
  • WOD
    • Admins will now be able to export the All-Time WODs list
  • Athlete App
    • A bug that caused the WOD to be out of order if it contained more than 10 components has been resolved



Coming soon… 

  • Athlete App improvements

  • Documents & People section improvements - Our team is taking a deep dive into each section of Wodify to make sure that admins are getting the best user experience possible. Documents & People are up next!

  • Insights Improvements - including enhanced filtering options for more customized reporting.


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