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As a current Wodify customer in the United States, you can now apply for Wodify Payments for payment processing!

With Wodify Payments what you see is what you get. You’ll have reports right in Wodify that will show you exactly how much money you process, how much is coming out in merchant processing fees, and exactly what is going to be deposited into your account. 

💰​ Benefits of Wodify Payments at a glance:

  1. A quick and easy approval process
  2. Flat, transparent pricing - No hidden fees!
  3. Enhanced financial reporting 
  4. An automated and thorough chargeback dispute process
  5. Automated card updating - when a member gets issued a new card (a lost card, expired card) the information will be updated on the back end via the bank, so there will be no need to recollect the card from your client which will lead to less failed transactions. 


To get started with Wodify Payments and the application process:

  • Reach out to support@wodify.com so we can enable the application
  • Once the application is enabled, Head to Financial > Wodify Payments 
  • Select Add New Account


By filling out this form, you are submitting your personal information to Stripe to apply for a Wodify Payments account. No immediate changes will come into effect for your Wodify account after filling out the form.


Once you have filled out the application and are ready to make the switch,  contact our team directly and we will enable Wodify Payments in your environment. Once Wodify Payments is enabled, you will still need to contact GoEmerchant to cancel your account there to prevent further billing. 


Still need assistance or have additional questions? Book a call with our payment support specialist here.


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