What's New: September 10th, 2020


New! 🚀



Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Communication
    • Conversations bug fix when sending replies from native email server 
    • Invoice email reminders for athletes paying by cash/check will no longer be sent for voided invoices
  • Documents
    • Waiver text will no longer appear black on a black background
  • Financial
    • Increased security for Wodify Payments accounts - admins will now receive an email when their payout bank account is updated
    • Daily Cash report total is now accurate
  • Kiosk
    • Bug fix when liking performances on the desktop version of the Whiteboard
    • Whiteboard will now display the correct unit of measure for the specific component of the workout, rather than the gym's global unit of measure setting
  • People
    • The issue with bulk tagging athletes has been resolved
    • 'Group Role' filter added to Athlete list to allow admins to filter by Guardian, Members, and Dependents
  • Retail/POS
    • Store Credit bug fixes
    • Custom sales will no longer allow discounts larger than the sale amount
  • WOD
    • Bug on the New & Imported WOD tab has been resolved
    • Athletes will be able to view past WODs if they had a membership on that date
    • Admins can change the units of measure for components scored by distance



Coming soon… 

  • Athlete App improvements

  • Reporting bug fixes

  • Insights Improvements - including enhanced filtering options for more customized reporting.


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