What's New: October 2nd, 2020


New! 🚀

  • New Secure Programming Setting - You now have a new option when turning on Secure Programming for your programs. This new feature allows you to decide whether you want athletes to be able to view all previous WODs for a program (even before they were a member) or just the previous WODs where the athlete had an active membership. This gives you additional flexibility to determine exactly what your athletes are able to see. 


  • New and Improved Insights! - We have just launched an updated version of Insights to provide you with easy access to all of the information that you need to know about your business. Check out this article for more information about these new dashboards!





Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Classes
    • Athletes can no longer reserve classes past their membership expiration date after the auto-renew is stopped
    • An error message will now be shown when reservations from Classes > Calendar cannot be made for an athlete
    • Athletes with session memberships will now be able to view all WODs associated with their membership
  • Communication
    • Announcements will no longer allow blank messages to be created
    • The Announcements built-in filters will now filter your messages correctly
  • Financial
    • Payout export file will now show correct revenue numbers for refunded invoices
    • Ezidebit - Payment Methods Without Valid Mandate report will now populate correctly
    • Refunded invoices will now display the correct refunded tax breakdown
  • Kiosk
    • Deleted leads will no longer show up in the sign-in dropdown on the Tablet Kiosk Beta Widget
  • Online Sales Portal
    • Contract and Waiver terms will no longer display as white text on a white background
    • Bug fix with the email validation for Free Trial registrants
  • People
    • Coaches can no longer bulk export leads/athlete information
  • Retail
    • New variants can now be added after all previous variants are deleted



Coming soon… 

  • Rebuilt and redesigned Client App for all of your athletes
  • Continued bug fixes
  • Additional Insights Improvements for more customized reporting


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