What's New: December 11th, 2020


New! 🚀

  • Bulk Copy WODs are here! - You can now copy and paste up to 8 weeks of consecutive days of programming. Save more time on your programming, so you can focus on coaching and growing your business. 

    Learn more about this brand new feature.



Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Appointments
    • Bug fix for athletes double booking into Appointment services that allow multiple clients
  • Classes
    • Added functionality to be able to mass update pricing for athletes on membership templates and payment plans that have been deleted
    • Bug fix for adding an additional coach position for classes under a new program
    • Updated Limited Membership sign-in message on the Kiosk to provide more context for athletes
    • Classes starting at the same time will be shown in alphabetical order
  • Documents
    • Signed waivers can now be filtered by athlete status
    • Contracts can now be bulk downloaded
  • Gym
    • Legacy gyms can now bulk export all invoices
  • Insights 
    • Memberships that are paid in full will now display correct projections
    • Memberships set to renew on a Yearly basis will be projected correctly
  • People
    • Bug fix on the Attendance Date filter in the athlete profile under the Attendance tab
  • Rise, Arena, Live
    • Ticket time stamp that tells when a participant registered for the event will now correctly display in the organizer's time zone
    • Google suggested address will be clickable for participants registering for events on an iPhone
    • Rise tasks will appear in the participant app in the order set by the organizer
    • Rise variable point scales will appear in the order selected by the organizer
    • Rise task dates will adjust automatically if the start date of the challenge is adjusted
    • Judge's can now enter '0' as a score for Rounds or Reps from the Arena Judge's app



Coming soon… 

  • Rebuilt and redesigned Client App for all of your athletes
  • Continued bug fixes
  • Additional Insights Improvements for more customized reporting


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