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Athlete Reporting


Wodify_Bar_All.pngThe Reporting > Athletes section of your Wodify environment provides access to all of the information you need about your athletes and their memberships. This article explains the data that each of these reports provides.

This article includes the following sections:




Athletes and Membership Details

This report displays detailed information about all of your active athletes and their memberships. It shows athletes with memberships and athletes without memberships. It includes information about the membership, billing date, commitment type, and cost of the membership. 




Athletes by Membership Type

The Athletes by Membership Type report provides a list of all athletes with active memberships on their profiles. It provides the athlete's name, member since date, location, default program, membership type, start date, expiration date, and auto-renew status. This is a great report to use when seeing how many athletes are on your different memberships. You can filter by program, membership type (Plan, Session), and membership plan name at the top of the page.




Athletes by Payment Plan

The Athletes by Payment Plan report gets a little more specific than the Athletes by Membership Type report. This report shows athletes based on their payment plan. This report includes information about the name of the payment plan an athlete is on and the cost of their membership. This report can be filtered by the membership template name or the payment plan name to show you how many athletes you have on your different pricing options.


Pro Tip: Export this report to include the athlete's email address on this report. 




Athletes by Program

The Athletes by Program report shows athletes based on which programs they have access to. If you want to see a list of athletes that have access to a specific program, this is the report you will want to look at. It provides the athlete's name, location, and membership information. You can select the program you would like to view at the top of the page.




Athletes with Expiring Memberships

This report shows athletes with memberships not set to auto-renew that are set to expire in the coming days. This shows you athletes that are planning on leaving your gym. You can view this report for the next 7, 30, or 60 days. 


Pro Tip: Click the 'History' button in order to view the athlete's class attendance history.




Athletes with Memberships On Hold

This report shows you all active memberships that are currently on hold. This helps you manage athletes who have frozen their memberships and shows you when their hold started and when it will end, as well as the reason for the hold. 


Pro Tip: If you are looking to contact your athlete's on hold, you can export this report and it will include athlete email addresses and phone numbers.




Athletes Without Memberships

This report shows you all of your active athlete profiles that do not have an active membership on their account. It is a best practice for all active athletes to have a membership to ensure that all of your reporting is accurate. 




Memberships Renewal

The Membership Renewal report is the best resource to use for information on the membership renewals for your athletes. This report shows you all of your athletes with memberships and information about when their membership will renew and the value of their renewal.




Memberships with Discounts

This report provides information on athletes who have discounted memberships. This helps show which athletes are getting a discount and how much of a discount they are receiving. You can filter this report by the discount type.


Pro Tip: Discounts can be created under Financial > Settings > Discounts/Promo Codes.




Lost Members

This report shows you athletes who are leaving your gym. Depending on how the athlete is deactivated, they will be shown differently in this report:

  • Athlete Profiles that are manually deleted will not show membership details or a start date
  • Memberships that are set to stop auto-renew AND the profile scheduled to be deactivated will show a link to the membership



Athlete Profile Information


Athlete Trend

The athlete trend report displays information about athletes being created, deactivated, and reactivated by displaying changes in athlete status (active, on-ramp, and inactive). It also displays any changes to an athlete's default location. This report shows you how many athletes you are gaining and losing each month.




Athletes Home Map

This report shows you exactly where your athletes are located. This is a great way to easily get physical address information. You can also get a map view of where your athletes are by copying and pasting the provided text at




Athletes with Upcoming Anniversaries

This report displays a list of your athletes with upcoming gym anniversaries. An athlete's gym anniversary is determined based on the date their athlete profile was created and is shown on the athlete profile as the Member Since date.


This report shows you athletes with anniversaries coming up in the next 7, 30, 60, or 120 days and provides the athlete name, # of years at your gym on their anniversary, their anniversary date, email address, and phone number. You can adjust the date range you are viewing at the top of the page. 


Pro Tip: Want to automatically congratulate your athletes on their gym anniversary? Head to Communication > Automated Emails > Anniversary Email easily send congrats to all of your members when they hit milestones at your gym. 




Athletes with Upcoming Birthdays

This report displays a list of your athletes with birthdays coming up in the next 7, 30, 60, or 120 days and provides the athlete name, date of birth, age, member since date, email address, and phone number. You can adjust the date range you are viewing at the top of the page. 


Pro Tip: Want to automatically wish your athletes a happy birthday? Head to Communication > Automated Emails > Birthday Email to customize automatic birthday wishes to all of your members. 




Athletes Without Payment Information

The Athletes Without Payment Information report is one of the most important reports to monitor, especially if you are a gym that is transitioning over to Wodify. This report lets you know which active athletes do not have a valid default payment method on file. It is super important for athletes to have a payment method so that any membership invoices are automatically charged to them so that you aren't chasing people down for payment.


Pro Tip: You can set up an automated email to remind athletes without payment methods to add their payment information under Communication > Automated Emails > Payment Information Missing. 




Auto-Billing Payment Methods by Athletes

This report shows you the type of default payment set for each athlete. This is helpful to see which athletes are paying by credit card, bank account, cash, or check.




Leads and New Members


New Members

The New Member report provides a list of new athlete profiles created in a given time period. You can view this information for any time period that you select at the top of the page. This helps you see who is new at your gym. 


Pro Tip: Export this report to see the email addresses and phone numbers of your new athletes. 




Referrals Report

The Referrals report shows which of your athletes are referring new athletes to your gym. This is a great report to use if you want to run a referral program, as you can see which athletes are bringing in new members.


Pro Tip: You can track who refers an athlete in the Other Information section of the athlete profile. You can also add a referral directly to this report. 




Leads with Referrals

The Leads with Referrals report shows you which leads were referred by your members. This is a great way to reward your loyal customers for bringing in new business. 


Pro Tip: You can keep track of who refers a lead in the Other Information section on the lead profile. Set the 'Referred by' field to the athlete that referred the lead. You can also set up your Lead Form to capture this information when a lead fills it out. Referrals can also be added directly to this report. 




Looking for more information about your athletes? Check out the Insights > Clients and the Insights > Memberships dashboards. 


If you have any questions about reporting or how to find the information that you are looking for, reach out to our team at for assistance. 


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