Updating Business Contact Information

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Wodify allows you to customize the email addresses used for different triggers that may occur throughout your Wodify account. If you're going through a change in who manages your business (or different areas of responsibility), updating your business email addresses, or changing your company branding, you may need to periodically make changes to your Wodify email settings.


In this article, we'll go through all of your different email settings, where you can update them, and what specific emails are tied to these fields:


Business Email

Business email is used in the following scenarios:

  • Sales Portal Email Address
  • Placeholder Fields in Emails, ex. '[boxname]' 

To Update your Business Email:

  1. Select Account
  2. Select Info & Locations
  3. Update Email Section
  4. Select Save

Location Specific Contact Email

Your location email will be used in the following scenarios:

  • Mass Emails/Outbound Emails where the Send As is set to your location name.
  • The inbox for responses to mass emails/outbound emails/automated emails from Clients assigned to your location (all replies to your emails sent through Wodify will be sent to this address).
  • The location email that displays in your location signature.

To update your Location Contact Email:

  1. Select Account
  2. Select Info & Locations
  3. Scroll to the Locations Section
  4. Select Location Name
  5. Update Email Address within Basic Details
  6. Select Save




Billing Contact Email

Every night around midnight in your timezone, Wodify will attempt to charge any clients with invoices that are due or past due. Once this process is complete, the admins/managers set as your location's billing contact will receive a Billing Results email of the outcomes for all attempted autobilled transactions. 

To update who receives the nightly billing results email:

  1. Select Account
  2. Select Info & Locations
  3. Scroll to the Locations Section
  4. Select Location Name
  5. Scroll to the Billing Information Section
  6. Select Edit
  7. Select the Billing Contact and Billing Contact CC from the Dropdowns
    • Please Note: Only Admins and Managers will appear as options
  8. Select Save



Lead Form Notifications


Wodify allows you to create a custom form for your website or blog to capture leads. You can customize which email addresses will receive a notification each time someone submits this form on your website.  

To update your Lead Form Notification Email(s):

  1. Select People
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select the Lead tab
  4. Scroll to the Form Setup Section
  5. Adjust Email Addresses
    • Please Note: Multiple Email Addresses are supported if separated by a semicolon ;
  6. Select Save





Your clients are able to send you feedback from the kiosk or mobile app at any time. You can customize which emails will receive a copy of this feedback in Wodify Admin. 

To update your Feedback Notification Email(s):

  1. Select Communication
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select the Feedback Tab
  4. Adjust the Feedback Email Address(es) as Needed
    • Note: Multiple email addresses are supported, but need to be separated by a semicolon (;).
  5. Select Save
  6. Alternatively, you are able to disable this feature by selecting Disable


Payout Deposit Notifications


If you are using Wodify Payments as your payment processor, you are able to customize which emails receive notifications of payouts that are deposited into your bank account.

To update who receives payout notifications:

  1. Select Financial
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select the Wodify Payments Configuration Tab
  4. Select the Name of the Configuration to be Updated
    • Typically listed as the Name of your Business
  5. Scroll to the Notifications Section
  6. Ensure the "Send Email Notifications When Payouts Occur" option is Selected
  7. Update or Adjust the Information as Needed
    • Add Emails through the Add People or Emails Section
    • Remove Names by Selecting the X in the Top Right Corner of the Name Box
  8. Scroll to the Bottom of the Page and Select Save

Note: The Payout Deposit Notification email does not have to be tied to a client's account. You can enter email addresses that are not active with Wodify, in addition to emails tied to accounts in your business.


If you need any additional assistance with Updating Business Contact Information, feel free to reach out to us at support@wodify.com or via Priority Live Chat in your admin account (Promote only).


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