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Athlete Sign-In Settings



Updating the ways athletes can be signed into classes is quick and simple. Depending on your preference, you will be able to adjust your settings to limit when athletes can sign themselves in, or decide if a coach will need to sign them in.


To Adjust This Setting: 

  1. Go to Classes > Settings
  2. Navigate to the Class Sign In section 
  3. Once here, you will have three options for Athlete Sign-In Settings
    • Athletes can sign themselves into class using the athlete app or on the web
    • Athletes can sign into a class within 24 hours of the class start time on the Coachboard only (no mobile sign-in)
    • Only a Coach, Manager, or Admin can sign Athletes into class on the Coachboard or Core (no mobile sign-in)
  4. Select the preferred option
  5. Click Save




If you need any additional assistance with adjusting your Athlete Sign-In Settings, feel free to reach out to us at


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