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Building and Editing WODs




Once you have set up your WOD template and added basic details (see Creating a New WOD), you will need to add the specifics of your workout. This article will walk you through adding Sections and Components to your WOD. 


In this article, we will cover:


Adding Sections

Sections are used to format your WOD and break up your workout. Think of these as dividers to help with pacing or section breaks for your workout. There are five global sections that you can choose from or you can create your own. 

The five global sections are:

  1. Gymnastics 
  2. Weightlifting
  3. Metcons
  4. Warm-Up
  5. Other (Your Gym's Name)



Below you will find an example of a blank WOD with section dividers. mceclip3.png

For more information on managing your sections, check out our Managing WOD Sections article.

Note: Sections are not for detailing the movements of your workout, just to help organize the workout. See the below info about Components for detailing the movements.



Adding Components 

After you have added sections, you can add Global Components (universal across Wodify's platform) or existing Custom Components (specific to your gym) to your workout. If you wish to add new custom components, you can follow the steps in the next section (Customizing Your WOD). 

  1. Click into the 'Add Component' dropdown or use the 'c' hotkey to open the 'Add Component' dropdown.cust_component_5.png
  2. Next, search for the global workout component you wish to add and click on it from the dropdown.
    • You can also find any custom components here that you've already created and saved
  3. add_comp_3.png
  4. Once the component is loaded you can edit the details of the component.
    • For weightlifting components, this includes the rep scheme, type of weight (lbs/kg), reps, and sets. You can also click '+Enable Max Reps' which will instruct athletes to do as many reps as they can per each set. add_comp_4.png
    • For gymnastics components, this includes the rep scheme and number of sets. Please note that reps will always be set to max. add_comp_5.png
    • Global metcon and warmup components will not be able to be edited 



Customizing Your WOD

Below you will find two popular ways to customize your WOD

  1. Creating Custom Components
  2. Embedding Videos and Images in a WOD



WOD Builder Hotkeys

Rather than clicking on each Section, Component, or Custom Component and scrolling through the list - each respective hotkey will automatically jump to that list where you can type-to-search your desired movement/type. For images, the hotkey will automatically input the image-editor.


For example:

To add a ‘Back Squat’ component, you would type:

Select C-key > Type Back Squat > Select Enter-key to add

The component list will automatically sort all movements with that keyword. You can then use the arrow keys and ‘Enter’ to add the highlighted component.

Tip: While building out your component (in this case Back Squat), you can hit Tab to move between each field (Shift + Tab to go backward), Enter when the [+ Comment] box is highlighted to open the box, and Shift + Enter to Save and close the component editor.


Tip: As a best practice, each unique Component type in your workout (ie all warm-ups, weightlifting movements, and metcons) should be preceded by the matching Section to add structure to the display. Comments and Prefixes allow you to further organize your workout.


More Information:

TIP: Wodify Blueprint Course - Getting Started with Wodify Perform

If you need any additional assistance with Building and Editing a WOD, feel free to reach out to us at


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