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Merging Duplicate Components




If you have accidentally created too many components, this article will help you merge all components into one, ensuring your athletes' entire performance history is located in one area.


In this article, we will cover:


Merging a Component 

  1. Go to WOD > Components and then select the type of component you wish to merge from the tabs at the top of the screen 
  2. Custom components are components that are created by your gym and will be tagged as Affiliate under the Ownership column.
    • Global components (created by Wodify) will be tagged as Globalmerge_3.png
  3. Click on a component you wish to mergemerge_2_.png
  4. Click Mergemerge_4.png
  5. Select the component you wish to merge into. Please note that global components will appear as just the name of the component and affiliate components will appear as the name of the component (your gym)merge_5.png
  6. Click Merge, and confirm the changes when prompted by your browser merge_6.png
  7. This process will take a few seconds and you will see a Merge Successful banner when it is complete. The component that was merged will be marked as inactivemerge_8.png
  8. After a successful merge, you will no longer be able to use the old component in the WOD builder, and all performance history from athletes for both components will be merged together under the component you initially clicked on


Best Practices 

We always recommend searching for a component in the Add a Component section of the WOD builder, before trying to make a new custom component. This will save you the trouble of having to merge your components and will prevent your athletes from scoring against the wrong component if the component you were planning on creating already exists. 




More Information:

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