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Updating a Waiver Template



Within Wodify, you have the ability to update your Waiver templates whenever you'd like. 


To update your existing Waiver Template:

  • In Wodify Admin, go to Documents > Waivers > Templates
  • Select your published Waiver Template
  • Make any necessary changes, scroll to the bottom, and select Save
  • Once you select Save, you will receive a pop-up asking if clients who signed the original Waiver will need to re-sign the new version. Select Yes! or No! 
    • If Yes! is selected, your existing clients who have signed the contract previously will need to re-sign the updated version. This will automatically send an email to every client that must re-sign their waiver
    • If No! is selected, your existing clients who have signed the original waiver will not have to re-sign the updated version
  • Repeat this process for each published Waiver


If you need any additional assistance with Updating a Waiver Template, feel free to reach out to us at


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