What's New: August 6th, 2021


New! 🚀

  • Gender Neutral Experience has made its way to our Contracts and Waivers! - Our Gender Neutral Experience just got even more inclusive with the addition of "I Prefer not to Specify" on our Contracts and Waivers.  2021-07-22_14-23-23.png

  • Trackers - We've added Trackers for Progressions. For example, if your client is a White Belt, and you want to ensure they complete specific tasks before promoting them, you can now track these specific tasks in Wodify! 
    • Trackers can be added to each level under "Setup"
    • Trackers can be marked as completed from the "Manage Clients" view.


Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Classes
    • Limited monthly memberships will no longer replenish with a weekly billing cycle. They will now replenish monthly as expected
  • Communication
    • New Membership Intro Emails will no longer show deleted membership templates as options
  • Financial
    • When Stripe auto-updates minor Credit Card info, like expiration, the change will now reflect in Wodify 
    • Payouts will now successfully move from Pending to Paid as expected for Wodify Payments customers
  • People
    • Set Level Modal in Trackers will no longer auto-populate incorrect information and will have the proper date format for all tenants
    • The Progressions Manage Client list will now have the ability to filter by Client Level
    • Admins can now re-order Progressions as they see fit
    • Level and Tracker descriptions character limit has been updated to allow for longer descriptions
  • Workout
    • The + New Warm-up key will no longer error out from Workout > Components > Warm-ups
  • Client App
    • Waitlist options will now show for all classes with a Waitlist
    • The Workout tab will now be hidden for businesses that do not have Wodify Perform
    • The Credit Card information screen will now load correctly for Android users
    • Bank accounts that have been entered manually will not be able to be verified in the Client App



Coming soon… 

  • Public launch of new Client App
  • Custom reporting available in Insights
  • Revamped Online Sales Portal
  • Continued bug fixes


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