What's New: August 20th, 2021


New! 🚀

  • Tagging other users in comments on the Client App - We've added the ability to tag other users in comments on the Client App
    • This can be done by simply typing @ followed by the other user's name

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Documents
    • The missing Waiver export will now export with the file name "MissingClientandLeadWaivers"
  • People
    • On the client profile, the "I Prefer Not to Specify" gender option will now be included in the gender drop-down, instead of being a check box
  • Client App
    • Units will no longer default to Imperial Units of Measure for all users
    • White-labeling will return to generic coloring when switching to an account that does not use Custom White-Labeling
    • Progressions will no longer show after being deleted
    • "Next Bill Date" and "Renewal" sections will be removed from the membership view if the membership does not have auto-renew
    • Clients will no longer get all notifications on a result when they comment on that result. They will only receive notifications when someone replies to their comment or likes their comment
    • The Verify Bank Account key will now be visible until the bank account is successfully verified
    • The name of users who liked results will show listed on the results/social page



Coming soon… 

  • Public launch of new Client App
  • Custom reporting available in Insights
  • Revamped Online Sales Portal
  • Continued bug fixes


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