What's New: October 15th, 2021


New! 🚀


  • Progressions Time and Attendance Trackers - We've added the ability to automatically track and move through Progression levels based on time spent in that level or the classes attended while at that level
  • Waiver Support in the Wodify Client App - Clients can now sign any unsigned waivers directly from their Wodify Client App
  • Connection Error Screen - If clients are having connection issues, with their internet or scheduled maintenance for Wodify, their app will now present with a screen to acknowledge the connection issue.

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Communication
    • Membership Intro Email can no longer be saved without a subject
    • Welcome to Wodify Emails will now direct to the Wodify Client App if previously directed to the Wodify Athlete App 
  • Documents
    • When signing a waiver on a mobile device, the waiver will now fit better to the screen allowing easier navigation through the waiver process
  • People
    • On the leads list, the "Has Notes" filter will now filter as expected
    • In Progressions, the Level Visual Color Picker will only show when the visual type is set to Color/Stripes
    • Profile photos updated on the Kiosk or on Wodify Admin (Core) will now carry over to the Wodify Client App as well 
    • The cancel button when editing a progressions name will no longer clear the list of progressions
  • Client App
    • The Gender-Neutral experience will now be supported in the Wodify Client App
    • Purchase Sessions Online key within Appointment booking will no longer show if the Online Sales Portal is disabled
    • The status of each tracker will no longer show in the Wodify Client App
    • For Android users, the purple screen will no longer flash before the gyms customizations when opening the app 
    • Appointment Calendar will now load when a coach has their Google Calendar synced to their Appointment availability
    • The iCal integration will now push existing reservations to the iCal in the correct timezone when the integration is first set up
    • The iCal integration will now push all reservations to the iCal for users with multiple business accounts
    • When a class is edited, the changes will now show on the class list as expected
    • While class details are loading, there will now be a loading spinner in the place of the reservation/sign in key
    • Clients will now be able to reschedule their appointments from the home screen or appointment notification
    • Clients with dependents and multiple business accounts will no longer receive an error when attempting to switch between their businesses


Coming soon… 

  • Public launch of new Client App
  • Google Calendar Integration with the new Client App
  • Custom reporting available in Insights
  • Revamped Online Sales Portal
  • Continued bug fixes


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