What's New: November 13th, 2021


New! 🚀

  • Quick Links on the Homepage in the Wodify Mobile App - When a client is signed into a class, the Homepage on the Wodify Mobile App will now have quick access links to the relevant performance history, the workout, and the add results page. 
  • Updated Class List view in the Wodify Mobile App - We've updated the class list view to a day-by-day view. 
    • Pro-tip: Swipe right ➡️ or left ⬅️ to quickly navigate between days! 

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Appointments
    • When multiple clients are reserved for an appointment, the clients will no longer get multiple emails confirming the appointment
  • Classes
    • The link for coaches to clock in the class within the clock into class reminder email will no longer direct to a broken link
  • Kiosk
    • When loading the coachboard, all components for all clients will now show the first time the page is loaded
  • Client App
    • Clients will now be able to continue to reserve for future classes if their session-based membership is set to auto-renew that evening
    • If appointments are set so that no shows do not count against attendance limits, coaches will now have 90 minutes from the appointment end time to sign clients into their appointments
    • Clients will now be able to add 0 as their weightlifting result
    • Clients will now be able to attach a photo to their feedback 


Coming soon… 

  • Public launch of new Client App
  • Google Calendar Integration with the new Client App
  • Custom reporting available in Insights
  • Revamped Online Sales Portal
  • Continued bug fixes


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