What's New: December 10th, 2021


New! 🚀

  • Updated workflow to add Clients - When adding a client to Wodify Core, Admins will experience a new workflow that no longer has as many required field validations.
    • This allows for a faster, more simplified process of creating single clients & Grouped clients.
  • Sorting on Component List in the Wodify Mobile App - When clients go to the component list within the Wodify Mobile App, they will now have the option to sort their component list.
    • They will be able to sort the list alphabetically, by most recent, and by most results. 

  • Reservation Count on the Class List in the Wodify Mobile App - Clients will no longer need to open up the class detail pages in order to view the reservations for each class.
    • Reservations will now show in the class list view

  • Zapier Trigger of Client Sign In Added - When clients sign into class, you will be able to create a Zap within Zapier to trigger any number of actions.
    • mceclip0.png

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Appointments
    • Contracts will now trigger as expected when appointments are applied from the appointment calendar
    • Clients that cancel appointments within the Late Cancellation window will now accurately be marked as late cancellations
  • Classes
    • Mass Update Pricing emails to admins will no longer show monthly commitments for weekly commitment memberships
  • Documents
    • PDF Waivers will no longer download with an error message
  • Kiosk
    • All leaderboards will now show on the leaderboard tab
  • Online Sales Portal
    • The Online Sales Portal will now send an email to admins if a clients payment failed
  • People
    • A secondary rank color will now be supported for Progressions
  • Wodify Mobile App
    • Clients from businesses that use Paysafe will now be able to add their bank accounts to their accounts
    • Clients can now insert micro-deposits less than 10 into the bank account verification
    • Samsung Pass will no longer make suggestions on our Add Results pages
    • Icons now have descriptions to make the app more accessible for Clients using a screenreader 
    • The leaderboard will now support multiple locations for multilocation gyms
    • Gcal and iCal events will now have a location and class description is applicable
    • Clients will no longer be able to book appointments after an appointment memberships expiration date
    • The leaderboard will now support the upper limit of 100+ for the age filter


Coming soon… 

  • Custom reporting available in Insights
  • Revamped Online Sales Portal
  • Continued bug fixes


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