What's New: April 22nd, 2022


New! 🚀

Core Updates

  • Add 3 Reports to Real-Time Management These three reports have been added to our real-time management reporting section:
    • Daily Cash Report
    • Clients Without Payment Information
    • Clients without Memberships
  • Lead Zapier Integration: Optional Gender Field - We've added the ability to make the gender field optional within the Add/Update lead event.
  • Simple Sign-In Kiosk: Same-Day Class Visibility - You now have the ability to view all previous classes for that same day, even the ones that have already ended, by toggling on this feature. 
  •           Simple_Sign_In.png

Mobile App Updates

  • Upcoming Birthdays - We've added birthday support throughout the app to help build community engagement and increase client retention.

  •             D9E16E03-28E1-420B-B392-13AF15957C35_4_5005_c.jpeg 
  • Performance Graphs - This highly requested new feature has been redesigned from our Legacy App to be more modern, with the added ability to switch between performance categories. Clients have the ability to filter their graph by All Time, 1 year, and 3 months.
  •          6A34F792-E450-4B16-8AF3-5D377C5606B5_4_5005_c.jpeg
  • First Day of the Week - We’ve also added a new setting to control all of the in-app calendars. When clicked, the user will be presented with three options that they can update by just clicking their preferred day.
  •         70253B3E-5EE6-45FC-AC93-FECAFBB9D3CF_4_5005_c.jpeg
  • Choose between Multiple Google Calendars when Syncing
  •          BB1C124E-473D-47CE-BE65-0E992E6214CD.png
  • Create Custom Components - Clients now have the ability to create new benchmark, or repeatable components, and score new results against them.
  •          client_created_components.png


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