What's New: May 20th, 2022


New! 🚀

Core Updates

  • Recurring AppointmentsThis very exciting, highly requested feature expands on the previous appointment functionality by allowing users the ability to easily set up recurring appointment schedules.


  • Progressions: Program Access by Level - Within our progression and level functionality, owners can use this as a means of gating program access by the current ranks of their clients. 


  • Simple Sign-In: Add Birthday Icon - We've added birthday icons to the Simple Sign-in Kiosk next to client and Coach names before and after they sign in.  


Mobile App Updates

  • Settings Page Update - Nearly everything in the Mobile App settings page has been redesigned to look cleaner and break off the various Menu items into their designated section description


  • Add Label Names to Bottom Navigation - Another redesign is the added label names to the bottom navigation bar to help differentiate the different tabs.



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