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In an effort to better protect your banking information from fraud or theft, Stripe has updated the information that’s required to verify your Wodify Payments account and process payments through Wodify. This is a required update in order to continue processing payments and receiving payouts through the Wodify Payments Powered by Stripe system.


All Wodify Payments Powered by Stripe users are required to update this information.

Stripe will now require you to have submitted information to verify both your Business Identity and Personal Identity based on the Country where your business is located.

Verification requirements differ based on:

  • The country your account is created in.
  • The capabilities requested. 
  • The business type (for example, individual, company) and structure (for example, public corporation, private partnership).
  • The service agreement type the connected accounts are under.

Stripe has provided a useful table to find out which requirements are needed based on the country. Check that out here: Verifications Required by Country

In order to update this information:

  1. Go to Financial > Settings,
  2. Select the Wodify Payments Configurations tab
  3. Select the name of your configuration to open the details
  4. Select the link at the top (just under Account Details) that says Click here to change any other merchant account info.


  • OR click on the 'Update Verification Info' button in the Red Banner located within Financial>Settings:



This will take you to the Wodify Payments Powered by Stripe Wizard, where you can submit the required personal and business information:



If Stripe is unable to verify the company or if there are possible concerns about sanctions, we will need to collect a proof-of-entity document to enable payouts. Please send these to us at

If you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Success Team, and we’ll be happy to walk you through these updates!



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