What's New: July 22nd, 2022


New! 🚀

Core Updates

  • Workout Builder 2.0: This complete overhaul of the Workout Builder includes enhancements to the workout editor, calendar view, component list, and more to make it easier to program for your clients quickly.


  • Two Brain Business Dashboard in Insights: Wodify and Two-Brain Business have partnered to bring a new business dashboard to the Wodify Insights tab. This includes a section of essential metrics that Two-Brain tracks monthly for their customers and many other business health stats that Wodify customers know and love.


  • New Waivers - Convert to Lead button: In order to give owners an easier way to convert drop-ins to leads, admins can now convert Drop-ins to Leads directly from the View Waiver modal.


  • Segments UI 2.0: A refreshed experience for our Segments functionality that includes better performance and a mobile-friendly design.
  • Chargeback Issue Fix: When contracts were auto-generated for chargeback disputes, they were showing as blank. This issue has been happening for 3 years and we now have a fix.
  • Auto Promotion Levels (Progressions): This new feature will allow admins to set levels to auto-promote students when all requirements have been fulfilled.

Mobile App Updates

  • Classes Tab Redesign: We've added a new calendar widget to the Classes tab within Schedule so that clients can more easily move between days when scheduling their classes.


  • New Buy Tab: We’ve also decided to add a new Buy tab to the bottom navigation so that clients can more quickly purchase memberships. This tab will directly link to memberships on the Online Sales Portal and is currently just for appointment memberships.



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