What's New: August 18th, 2022


New! 🚀

Core Updates

  • Sign-in No Shows: Our Simple Sign-in Kiosk now allows users to sign in their clients that have been marked as a no-show. When the sign-in button is clicked, it’ll remove the no-show from the client's profile AND sign them into class.


  • Workout Builder 2.0 Checkmark Components: You can now ​​create components that can be scored as “Complete” via our Workout Builder 2.0. This is a great way to increase engagement and accountability with your workouts.


  • Workout Builder 2.0 Editing: The workout editing process has been updated to include a sticky sidebar, reduced vertical space, and more bug fixes based on customer feedback we’ve received thus far.
  • Workout Builder 2.0 Program Differentiation: Another addition to our Workout Builder is program colors within the editor, list view, calendar view, and more. This will help users differentiate their programs and improve their overall workout-building user experience.


  • Progressions Visual Indicator: This visual indicator will be shown for levels and client names within Progressions > Manage Clients.
  • Reporting: We also have redesigned our reporting section in an effort to make navigation easier and help users gather the insight they’re looking for. Click here to see where some reports have moved.


Mobile App Updates

  • Coach Pictures: We’ve added coach profile pictures to the class list so that clients can more easily see who is coaching which classes. This will help mobile app users see off the bat which class they might prefer attending, and will overall help to improve engagement.


  • Calendar Syncing: We are also deprecating our current calendar sync functionality and are moving to an Integrated Computer Systems (ICS) model. In doing so, clients will have a seamless booking experience by receiving an email in their inbox and having the event automatically appear in their Google Calendar.


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