New Reporting Clean Up (August 2022)

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Our data team has heard your feedback and spent some time these past few weeks cleaning up our reporting section to ensure that you can access user-friendly and accurate data! 

In this article, we will cover:

New Sections

  • People (previously Clients)
  • Memberships

New Subsection Tabs:

Why did we add subsections? Subsections organize reports into shorter lists to help you find the data you’re looking for even faster. Below are the sections that we have subdivided.

  • People - Clients and Leads
  • Attendance - Class and Appointments
  • Financial - Revenue, Transactions, Payment Methods, and Payroll

Deleted Reports: 

Why did we delete reports? A few of them were redundant. So to simplify the Reporting experience, we’ve removed reports for which the information can be found on other existing reports. Please refer to the guide below for more information.

  • Membership Renewal
    • Go to All Memberships → filter the Membership Autorenew column to autorenewing memberships at your business
  • Clients by Program
    • Go to All Memberships → filter the Programs column to view memberships with specific program access
  • Clients by Payment Plan
    • Go to Memberships by Type → refer to the third pie chart which gives a membership breakdown by payment plan
  • Clients with Session Memberships
    • Go to Memberships by Type → filter Membership Type for Appointment Session and Class Session
  • Revenue by Payment Method
    • Go to All Transactions → filter Payment Method Type column to view specific types of payment methods for given transactions
  • Used Store Credit
    • Go to All Transactions → filter Transaction Type for Store Credit Sale

Renamed Reports:

Why did we rename the reports? We renamed a handful of reports to be clear and consistent about the data sources behind them. Below is a complete list of reports that have been given new names.

  • People Section
    • Clients with Upcoming Anniversaries Upcoming Anniversaries
    • Clients with Upcoming Birthdays Upcoming Birthdays
    • Referrals Report Clients with Referrals
  • Memberships Section
    • Clients and Membership Details → All Memberships
    • Clients by Membership Type → Memberships by Type
    • Clients with Expiring Memberships → Expiring Memberships
    • Clients with On-Hold Memberships → On-Hold Memberships
    • New Members → New Memberships
  • Attendance Section
    • Class Attendance Summary → Attendance Summary
    • Client Attendance Trend → Attendance Trend
    • Clients Last Attendance → Most Recent Attendance
    • Clients No Shows → No Shows
    • Client Reservations → Class Reservations
    • Exceeded Attendance on Limited Contracts → Attendance Limit Exceedances
    • Total Attendance History → All Attendances
  • Financial Section
    • Monthly Revenue → Revenue by Month
    • Overdue Accounts Receivable → Overdue Invoices
    • Paying Members by Month → Paying Clients by Month
    • Auto-Billing Payment Methods by Client → All Payment Methods
    • Payroll Detail → All Payroll
    • Failed Payments → Failed Transactions

Moved Reports

You can still find all of your data, just in new places!

  1. Seven reports have been moved from People (previously Clients) to the new Memberships section
    1. All Memberships
    2. Memberships by Type
    3. Expiring Memberships
    4. On-Hold Memberships
    5. Lost Memberships
    6. Memberships with Discounts
    7. New Memberships
  2. All Payment Methods (previously Auto-Billing Payment Methods by Client) have been moved from People (previously Clients) to Financial


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