Setting Up Kiosk+



Kiosk+ is the perfect trifecta for displaying your simple sign-in, workout, and leaderboard to help manage your class. This intuitive interface makes it easy to inspire clients to set and achieve new goals through your custom display.


In this article, we will cover:


Accessing Kiosk+

  1. Sign in to your Wodify account using your normal log-in credentials.
    • Click Keep me signed in to ensure your login is remembered by the device.
      Please note that only admins, managers, and coaches will be able to sign in to activate Kiosk+.

  2. Navigate to the Kiosk+ button within the 9-Widget Tile icon in the bottom left of your Wodify admin screen



Display Settings

When you open Kiosk+, you will be presented with the following Display Settings:


  • Background: this allows you to choose whether Kiosk+ will be displayed in Light or Dark mode.
  • Vertical Display: this allows you to choose whether your layout will be displayed vertically or horizontally (default).
    • Pro-tip: you might want this setting toggled ON if you're using an iPad!
  • Layout:  this allows you to choose how you want to showcase your Workout, Leaderboard, and Simple Sign-In displays.
    • Pro-tip: if you have more than one TV, each one could have a different layout!
  • Add Screen Margin: this allows you to choose whether or not you want padding on the edge of the screen
    • i.e. if some content is not visible on the TV

Right Side Menu Options


  • Settings: Brings you back into the display settings 
  • New: Opens another Kiosk+ tab. You must set up the display settings. 
  • Copy: Opens another Kiosk+ tab with the existing display settings
  • Full Screen:  Allows you to view your Kiosk+ in fullscreen mode.


Setting up Kiosk+

Kiosk+ is completely customizable so let's walk through how each screen is displayed.




Please note that this display is only available with the add-on: Wodify Perform.

  1. Select Leaderboard 
  2. Then configure the Location, Program, and Date
  3. After you have chosen the proper fields, proceed by selecting Apply


Simple Sign-In

Wodify's Simple Sign-in Kiosk allows your clients to quickly sign into class from a tablet device when arriving at your facility. 

  1. Select Simple Sign-in from the list, and click Apply.
  2. Please refer to this help article to learn how to navigate it.



Please note that this display is only available with the add-on: Wodify Perform.

  1. Select Workout 
  2. Then configure the Location, Program, Date, and Show: Full Workout or Components
  3. You can also choose whether to show the day's Announcements.
  4. After you have chosen the proper fields, proceed by selecting Apply

mceclip1.png mceclip2.png


Zoom Bar

You are able to zoom in and out of each display view by scrolling over the bottom of the screen and choosing your desired zoom mode.



Expandable Column View

You are now able to expand a column by clicking on the arrows at the bottom right zoom bar of Kiosk+. This allows for the row/column to expand to appear as the full screen/one-column/row mode. 


Click the arrows again to collapse the column to the original size.




  • When there is just ONE row or column being displayed and you click the X at the top, you will see the Settings screen. (since no rows/columns exist anymore)

  • When there is MORE than one row or column and you click the X, the row/column that you clicked the X for will close AND reduce the number of rows/columns by 1.

    • The remaining columns/rows will expand and keep the existing content.




Customizing Kiosk+

Looking to customize the Kiosk+ to match your business' branding? Review the article on Custom Branding for instructions.


If you need any additional assistance with Kiosk+, feel free to reach out to us at or via Priority Live Chat in your admin account (Grow & Promote only).


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