What's New: October 21, 2022


New! 🚀

Core Updates

  • Kiosk+ (Beta): The beta version of our Kiosk+ goes live! Kiosk+ is a customizable digital display for performance metrics, attendance, and more.


  • Adding Videos to Components: The highly requested video attachment to components feature will allow customers to save videos to components to be reused in their programming. They’ll be able to upload their own videos, and can even access videos uploaded by Wodify.


  • Wodify Billing: Admins can now view their Wodify subscriptions and invoices, and can even update payment information on their own via Business > Wodify Billing.


  • Simple Sign-in Kiosk:

    • Drop-ins: We are adding Drop-ins to our Simple Sign-in Kiosk which will include collecting waiver and payment information from drop in customers.

    • Show Past Classes: The “Show Past Classes” setting now shows the past 7 days of classes.

Mobile App Updates

  • Birthday Toggle: Clients can now go to their settings to choose whether they participate in the birthday experience. Opting out will hide their own birthday and the birthdays of other clients in their gym.


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