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Wodify's In-App Chat allows real-time communication between Admins, Managers, Coaches, and Clients. Chatting from Wodify Core and the Client App offers a time efficient way to communicate, both one on one to your coaches, managers, or admins and as a group.

In-app chat centers communications in Wodify, allowing clients, coaches, and admins to organize more personalized gym interactions all in one place - whether it's one-on-one appointment follow up, a group chat for a recurring class, or a discussion forum for Admins only! 

In this article, we will cover:


Navigating In-App Chat in Wodify Core

To access In-App Chat in Core, go to Communications > In-App Chat

  1. New message count: A simple notification alerting you to unread messages

  2. Send message as: Determines who the displayed sender of the message will be and where the message will be coming from

  3. Message list & filters: For selecting which message to load in the viewer to the right. Messages are displayed newest first

  4. + Message: To begin writing a new message
  5. Recipient Field: Type in someone name or the title of a Segment to establish who will receive this message

Group Chats and Multi Send

The ability to message groups and multi send through segments right at your fingertips

  1. Make sure to create your segment first by following these steps 
  2. Once navigating to In- App Chat, select the option to multi send or group
    • Group Chat: Start a conversation with a group of people
    • Multi-Send: Create independent conversations with each person
  3. In the search recipient field you can search for a segment 

Utilizing In-App Chats in the Client App

Messages are accessible via the Message icon at the top right of the home page.


  1. Unread Messages: Displayed by each unique conversation

  2. + New Message: To begin writing a new message

  3. Conversations: A list of active conversations within In-App Chat - like in Core, they're displayed newest first.


Adding Media to In-App Chats

You can send a variety of media assets through in-app chat, including images, videos, and content directly from your media library. 

Tip: For more information on Media Library, click here!

 When you click the folder icon, content from your media library will appear. You can select content directly from your media library or you can select Upload to import other content. 


Note: Sending Images in the Client App

Click the image icon to open an image uploader for this conversation. Images must be no larger than 5MB.

Click the folder icon to upload other attachments and media directly from your media library. 

Push Notifications in the Client App

In-App Chat Notifications are visible both in and out of the app!



  1. When inside the Wodify Client App, any new messages will trigger an alert notifying you of new messages.

  2. When push notification permission is granted to the Wodify App on your mobile device, you will receive a push notification on new messages on your device.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enable In-App Chat?

You can toggle chat on/off for your business. No one will be able to access chat if the option is off.

Why am I not getting push notifications?

  • Connectivity issues, make sure you have good wifi or cell data signal
  • Make sure you don’t have Chat open on another device
  • Make sure you are in the tenant you are expecting push notifications from
  • You should get push notifications any time you are not on the In-App Chat screens

Who can I send messages to?

  • As Admin/Coach, you can send messages to Admins, Managers, Coaches, Clients, and Segments from Wodify Core (Desktop)

Tip: For more information on Segments, check out this article!

  • As Admin/Coach, you can send messages to Admins, Managers, and Coaches from the Client App (Mobile)

How do I send an In-App Chat for another admin?

As an Admin, you can send a message as another admin, coach, or staff member. Simply search and select a name in the "Send Message as" dropdown menu at the top left.





If you need any additional assistance with In-App Chat, feel free to reach out to us at or via Priority Live Chat in your admin account (Promote only).



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