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How do I create a promo code?




To create a promo code:

  1. Navigate to Financial > Settings > Discount / Promo Codes
  2. Click '+ New Promo Code'
  3. Configure the desired settings for the promo code

    Name: The name of your promo code. This name will display after the promo code is applied on invoices, the POS, or the Online Sales Portal.
    The unique code that will be entered by the customer when checking out. 
    Discount: Select the desired fixed amount or percentage discount that should apply when the promo code is used.
    Start Date: The first date that the promo code will be eligible.
    Expiration: Optionally select the date that you would like the promo code to expire and/or the number of uses that will be available. When both options are selected, expiration will occur when one of the limits is reached, whichever comes first.  If no expiration is chosen the promo code will not expire unless deactivated.
  4. Select the locations where the promo code should be valid
  5. Click 'Save'
  6. Once the initial settings have been saved additional options will display to configure which products and memberships should be eligible for the promotion
  7. To enable the promo code for a membership or product, click 'Enable'
  8. Click 'Choose Memberships' or 'Choose Products' to further define the memberships and/or products for which you would like the promo code to be eligible. Any items unselected will be excluded when the promo code is applied. 
  9. Once all your desired settings have been defined, click 'Save'.

Important: Once configured, promo codes can be applied via the Online Sale Portal and the POS. Promo codes can also be applied directly to memberships using the 'Customize' option. 


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