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Myzone Belt Sales and Pricing Strategies


Here are some belt pricing options to think about:

  • Include a MZ-3 belt in your membership plans.
    New members will be able to see their progress right away, incentivising them to come to class more often and stick with your gym.
  • Sell belts for a small profit (recommended option).
    While a small barrier up front, you make more money and can retain members because they’ll want to get the most from their new equipment. MSRP is $149 USD for the MZ-3. We recommend you sell them for $79-$99. You cover your cost and your members get a great deal. It’s a win-win! 

  • Sell belts at MSRP ($149USD).
    You make a good margin up front but there is a chance adoption will suffer at that price. Only use this option if you think your market can support it.


Here are some sales strategies to help you:

  • Offer an early-adopter special - Members who purchase their belts in the first 30 days of you launching Pulse receive a discount.
  • Offer a money-back guarantee - Members can return their belts after attending 12 classes in 30 days if they’re not happy. In this event Myzone will replace the red strap for FREE so you can resell the monitor!

  • Offer a prize - Members can enter a raffle to win a free month membership if they purchase their belts within the next 30 days. 


Ultimately you know your business the best and will need to do what is best for you and your clients but we hope that these tips give you some really good starting points!



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