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We are directing our efforts towards expanding Kiosk+ through the enhancement of its performance tracking, sign-in, and class management interfaces. As we progress in the next few months, we will keep you informed regarding the development of Kiosk+ and its latest features for you to try.

Finding the Coachboard features within Kiosk+ is easier than ever, so we have created this guide to help you locate them.

You can count on our team for assistance at every stage of this transition. Don't hesitate to contact us via email at or schedule a coaching call if you require any troubleshooting.

In this article, we will cover:

  1. Signing in Your Clients and Coaches
  2. Signing in Your Clients with No Shows 
  3. Signing in Drop-ins
  4. Signing in Clients Beyond the Class Reservation Limit
  5. Issuing One-Off Waivers 
  6. View Clients with Missing Waivers 
  7. View Workout 
  8. View Announcements
  9. Add Client Results 
  10. View Client Performance History
  11. Appointment Sign-in
  12. View Pulse tiles
  13. Client audit/timestamp log


Signing in Your Clients and Coaches

Signing in your clients used to be a primarily in-gym Coachboard experience.

Clients can now be signed in class in three different ways. They can sign themselves in via our mobile app, they can sign in themselves through our Simple Sign-In feature or a coach can sign them in via our Employee View feature. 

If you want a quick training session on setting up Employee View and Simple Sign-In at your gym, email and our team will set you up for success!


Signing in Your Clients with No Shows 

Instead of removing no-shows from the admin backend and re-signing in a client, you can now use coach/admin override to check in no-shows using our Simple Sign-In feature. Follow the steps below or check out this video.


Signing in Drop-Ins 

Signing in drop-Ins is still super easy! Instead of signing them in via the Coachboard, you can now quickly sign them in via Simple Sign-In. We recommend a coach or manager meet the drop-in at your business and do the following:

Signing in Clients Beyond the Class Reservation Limit 

Coaches can now quickly sign in clients even when the class reservation limit has been met. Here is what a coach has to do:


Viewing Clients with Missing Waivers and Issuing One-Off Waivers 

Clients with missing waivers will appear reserved in classes within Employee View with a Missing Waiver tag. You can now easily send one-off waivers to these members if you see they do not have a waiver. Coaches can follow these steps:



  1. See a client with a Missing Waiver tag
  2. Click on that tag 
  3. Click on Email Waiver to Client


Viewing Workouts

We understand how important it is to display your workout to your clients during a workout. Here is the new way of displaying your workouts as an admin:


  1. Navigate to Kiosk+
  2. Be sure to select the setting you wish to use
  3. For your Display, please select Workout
  4. You will be prompted to select the following: Location (If you have multiple locations), Program, and Date
  5. Once you’ve selected all the essential information, your workout should be properly displayed!



From the client's point of view, the functionality remains the same, and they will continue to have the option to view the workout via the Wodify Mobile App.


View Announcements

Do you need to let your clients know important information or just want to say something special? To view announcements, you can access the Wodify Mobile App or the Workout display in Kiosk+.


Announcements in Wodify Mobile App

  1. Have the client log into the app
  2. Navigate to the home icon to view the announcement

Announcements in Kiosk+:

  1. Follow the steps in View Workouts section above to display the workout
  2. The announcements will also appear in the workouts display

If you have not yet set up your Announcements functionality, please follow the steps in this article or reach out to our agents at to help get set up!


Adding Client Results

We all know adding results is an important step to keep track of client progress. Clients can continue adding their performance results after a workout via Kiosk+ or via the Wodify Mobile App.


Adding Client Results Wodify Mobile App:

Please follow this help article to see how clients can add their own performance history.

Adding Client Results via Kiosk+

Instead of using the Coachboard, you will be using the Perform option via Kiosk+. Here are the steps:

  1. Navigate to Kiosk+
  2. Be sure to select the settings you wish to use
  3. For your Display, please select Perform

Here you should see a list of clients that have signed into class, in alphabetical order. You can find their name, and click on the + icon to add their performance results. *If a client signed into a class twice, click into their name and there should be an option to choose which program you wish to provide their performance for.




View Client Performance History

To view client performance history, you can use Coach View or your clients can view it on their own via the Wodify Mobile App.

View Client Performance in Wodify Mobile App

Once signed into the app, the client can use the Profile icon to get to their Profile tab. Within this tab, they will be able to search for performance by Component. For more information, they can navigate Tracking Your Performance.

View Client Performance History Employee View

To look at the Performance History for the Component, next to the Client's Name click on the Line Graph Icon

  • This will display the Clients Results from previous Workouts as well as any 1-Rep Maxes
  • To toggle between any Clients, scroll to the bottom of the page > Under Performance History, click the drop-down arrow to select another Client.


Appointment Sign-in

To sign in to your clients for an upcoming appointment, you can use Employee View! Clients can also use their Wodify Mobile app to sign themselves in.

Appointment Sign-in using Mobile App

Please follow this help article to see how clients can book their own appointments via the Wodify Mobile App!

Appointment Sign-in using Employee View

Select the Appointment, either on the Home tab or the Schedule tab, to check into your upcoming Session. You can see the Service, Time, Date, Location, and No Show/Late Cancellation Policies. 

You will also be able to Sign in yourself and the Client:

  1. Next to your Name click Sign in as Provider
  2. Under Attendees, you will see the list of those who are coming to the Appointment, then next to their name click Sign In 

View Pulse tiles

Pulse is now live in Kiosk+. To access the new and improved Pulse functionality, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Kiosk+
  2. Determine your ideal Kiosk+ settings. If you have not used Kiosk+ before, please check out our article on Using Kiosk+
  3. Make sure to select Wodify Pulse as one of your displays 



Client audit/timestamp log

Just like the Coachboard, we also included time stamps to ensure you know the exact time your clients have been signing in! This functionality will be available on the Simple-Sign in.




To find the time stamps, please do the following. 

  1. Please access either Simple Sign-In or Kiosk+.
  2. Select a Class time you wish to view
  3. Select the Three Dots
  4. Select Event Log

If you have not yet set up your Simple Sign-In functionality, please follow the steps in this article.


If you need any additional assistance with Kiosk+, feel free to reach out to us at or via Priority Live Chat in your admin account (Grow & Promote only).


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