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We are very excited to announce that we've released 175 global Jiu-Jitsu components in Wodify Perform in collaboration with BJJ Flow Charts! This means that customers and clients will have access to over 130 unique BJJ Flow Charts videos.


List of available BJJ Flow Charts Jiu Jitsu Components

Back Defense Overside
Back Defense Underside
Kesa Gatame Defense
Elbow Escape from Mount
Upa from Mount
North-South Defense
Elbow Escape from Side Control
Elbow and Prop Escape from Side Control
Belly Down Escape from Side Control
Butterfly Guard Sweeps
Butterfly Guard Strangles
Closed Guard Side Scissor
Closed Guard Side Scissor 2
Closed Guard Side Scissor 3
Closed Guard Top Lock
Closed Guard Strangles
Closed Guard Sweeps
Closed Guard Clamp
Closed Guard Stand Up
Closed Guard Stand Up 2
Half Guard Underhook Sweeps
Half Guard Knee Lever and Back Roll Sweeps
Smashed Half Guard
Open Guard Collar and Sleeve Attacks
Open Guard Collar and Sleeve Sweeps
Open Guard Lasso
Open Guard Spider
Open Guard Recover
Opening Closed Guard
Passing Closed Guard
Passing Half Guard
Passing Half Guard - Split Squat
Passing Open Guard Toreando
Passing Open Guard Leg Drag
Passing Open Guard Split Squat
Passing Open Guard Collar and Sleeve
Passing Open Guard Spider
Passing Open Guard Lasso
Passing Open Guard DLR
Passing Open Guard RDLR
Back Underarm Strangles
Back Overarm Strangles
Mount Attacks
Mount Americana and Back Take
North-South Attacks
Side Control Attacks

Side Control Attacks 2

Side Control to Mount

Back Control: w/ Long Hook

Sliding Collar Choke from the Back
Ezekiel Choke from the Back
Sliding Collar choke from Technical Mount
Ezekial Choke from Technical Mount
Defensive body position from back (starting position)
Defense against Seatbelt Grip to back escape
Defending the Collar Grip: Overhook Side
Defending the Collar Grip: Underhook Side
Back Defense; return to butterfly guard
Forward Roll from Turtle
Butterfly Guard Posture
Collar Drag to Butterfly Sweep
Broken Butterfly Sweep
Y-Choke From Butterfly Guard
Arm Wrap Y-Choke from Butterfly Guard
Closed Guard Posture
Arm Drag w/ Grip Break Variations
Back take from Closed Guard
Arm Bar from Top Turtle
Arm Bar from Top Turtle
Flower Sweep
Pendulum Sweep
Grip Break to Trap Triangle
Armbar from Trap Triangle - Finishing Mechanics
Posture break to the clamp position
Triangle Choke from Closed Guard
Straight Arm Lock/Ude Gatame from Clamp Position
Omoplata from Closed Guard
Scissor Sweep from Closed Guard
Kimura from Closed Guard
Hip Bump Sweep
Guillotine from Closed Guard
Cross Collar Choke with Brabo Grip from Closed Guard
Knee Pull Closed Guard Retention
Arm Bar from Triangle
Scoop Sweep
Omoplata Sweep
Shin sweep (but double ankle makes sense to me too)
Posture and Grips inside the Closed guard
Standing Guard Break to Over Under
Standing Guard Break Cross Sleeve Variation
Double Bicep Grip Standing Guard Break
Complete Over Under (continuation from video 1/2/3)
Complete Double under (continuation from video 1/2/3)
Defense to the shin sweep (or double ankle sweep)
Framing from Bottom Half Guard
Underhook to Dogfight to Knee tap to Mount
Underhook Rollunder sweep (old school sweep variation)
Quarter Guard Sweep
Knee Lever Sweep or John Wayne Sweep from Half Guard
High Knee Shield Back Sweep from Half Guard
Back Roll Sweep with Belt Grip
Inside off balance
Outside off balance
Elbow escape to closed guard
Half Guard: Top Posture
Shoulder pressure pass
Sit through pass
Knee Cut entry (top of cut pass)
Knee Cut / cut pass/ knee slice
Folding pass
Long Step Pass
Kesa Gatame Scissor Legs Escape
Kesa Gatame Escape to Back Take
Kesa Gatame Running Escape
Kesa Gatame Bridge and Roll Escape
Maintaining the mount
Y-Choke from Mount
Arm Bar from S-Mount
Ezekial from Mount
Americana Cross wrist pin grip
Gift wrap back take
Basic Body Positioning Mount Defense
Elbow Escape from Mount with Foot Drag
Elbow Escape from Mount to Closed Guard
Defending grapevines from Mount
Maintaining North-South Position
Back Take from North-South
Paper or Bread Cutter Choke
Defensive Posture from North-South
Frame & Insert Knees (North-South)
Guard Recovery from North-South
Elbow Knee Escape to Side Control
Collar and Sleeve Guard Entry
Triangle from collar and sleeve guard
Armbar from Collar and Sleeve Guard
Tripod Sweep
Overhead Sweep from De La Riva Guard
Tomoe Nage from Leg Lasso Guard
Collar & Sleeve Guard > Lasso Guard > Yoko Sumi Gaeshi
Tomoe Nage from Spider Guard
Sumi Gaeshi from Spider Guard
Dummy Sweep
Reverse De La Riva for Guard Recovery
Standing Passing posture
Forced Supine From Standing Pass
Toreando Pass
Knee Cut Standing Guard Pass
Knee Cut Standing Guard Pass 2
Foot in bicep defense from collar and sleeve guard
Passing Spider Guard with Torreando pass
Passing Spider Guard with Leg Drag
Spider Guard Break with Leg Drag
Lasso Defense 1
Lasso Defense 2
Breaking DLR to headquarters to knee cut entry
De La Riva Guard Pass (Collar + Ankle Grip)
RDLR Defense to Knee Cut
RDLR Defense to Over Under
Side Control Posture
Spinning Baseball Bat Choke from Knee on Belly
Nearside Armbar from Side Control
Americana / Keylock from Side Control
Farside Armbar from Side Control
Side Control to Mount Transition - Knee Drive
Side Control to Mount Transition - Step Over
Side Control Posture
Side Control Defense Elbow Escape
Side Control Defense Belly Down Escape
Side Control Defense Double Leg to Back
Side Control Defense Double Leg Cut Back
Side Control Defense Half Guard Sweep
Side Control Sit Out to Armbar
Side Control Defense to Back Take
Side Control Defense Prop Escape



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