Workout Marketplace Overview

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The Workout Marketplace offers world-class programming content produced by Wodify's many partners including NCFIT, Two-Brain, and Deka Comp. Workouts seamlessly integrate into your Workout calendar allowing you to reclaim your time, introduce new class types, and lead effective consistent classes. 


In this article, we will cover:

Current partners

How it works



Current Partners

Deka Comp by Michèle Letendre
NCFIT Collective by Jason Khalipa
Mayhem Affiliate  by Rich Froning
Dark Horse by Shane Farmer
Conjugate Methods by Shane Sweatt

How it works

Every week we will automatically publish workouts and coaching notes into your Wodify account. From there, you can customize anything on your end! 




Example Daily Workout Calendar - Week View



If you are a current Wodify customer interested in signing up for programming through the Workout Marketplace, please book a call with one of our Workout Marketplace specialists. 


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