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Lead profiles are for managing potential new clients in Wodify. This allows you to keep in touch with potential clients, and track them through your sales and onboarding process. This article will walk you through the process of creating a new lead, what the lead profile is, and how you can book classes for leads!

Note: A few things to keep in mind for Leads

  • Leads do not have access to log into their own Wodify account until they are converted to a Client
  • You can not add a membership or save a payment method in a Lead profile
  • Leads can not reserve classes for themselves (aside from the classes that come with their free trial), and can only sign in from the Coachboard


In this article, we'll cover:


Creating New Leads

There are several ways that new Leads can be created:


  • Go to People > Leads 
  • Click the + New Lead button in the top right corner
  • Fill out any info you have in the window that pops up
    • If possible, it's recommended to at least get a name and email address
  • Click Create or Create & Edit
    • Create will save the Lead profile, and take you back to the People>Leads list
    • Create & Edit will save the Lead profile, and take you to that new profile to continue making any edits you need




Free Trials/Free Intro Appointments

  • Any client that signs up for a Free Trial or Free Intro Appointment through your Online Sales Portal will be automatically added as a new Lead with the Trial status
  • Click here to learn more about setting up your Free Trials in the Online Sales Portal: Setting up your Online Sales Portal


Drop-ins/Waiver signatures

Note: Drop-ins are not automatically added as Leads, but if they sign a waiver, you can easily convert that signed waiver to a Lead Profile


  • Any info the client provided in the waiver will be automatically transferred to the new Lead Profile that's created when you click this button


Lead Form

  • Any potential new client that fills out the Lead Form that you generate through Wodify will be automatically added as a Lead
  • Click here to learn more about setting up and generating a Lead Form in Wodify: How do I add a Lead contact form to my website?



The Lead Profile

Once a new Lead is created, you can check their profile at any time by finding them under People > Leads, or in the Shift+S global user search, to find any info you have on them. Here's a look at each section of that Lead Profile



Profile - General info about the client

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Contact Information
  • Lead Status (click here to learn more)
  • Created On and Last Contacted dates
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Email and SMS Subscribed Status
  • Created by/Referred by Information


  • View any attendances logged under this Lead profile (including free trials)
  • Note: Lead attendance should carry over to the Client profile when converted, but performance history will not


  • View any waiver signed by this Lead
  • Upload attachments and view them

Activity History - Any non-attendance activity related to this lead

  • Individual Emails
  • Mass Emails
  • Waiver signing
  • Status Changes


Booking Classes for Leads

You can reserve and sign in any Lead with the Trial status into any class, through Wodify Core. To reserve a class for a Lead with the Trial status

  1. Go to Classes>Calendar
  2. Click on the class block to pull up a pop-up window with the basic class details
  3. Click Edit next to "_of_ Reservations"
  4. Find the Lead by typing their name into the search bar
  5. Click Save Changes once the Lead's name appears on the list
    editres.png addath.png


To sign a Lead into class:

  1. Go to the Coachboard in Kiosk mode
  2. Sign the client in using the Sign-In Widget on the left-hand side of the Coachboard
    • If the Lead reserved a spot in class in advance, just click on their name under Reservations to sign them in
    • If the Lead did not reserve in advance (or if reservations are turned off), Type their name into the Client search bar, and click the Sign In button once you've found them

Note: Leads that booked a Free Trial class through your Online Sales Portal should be signed in from the Coachboard

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