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This article provides a brief description of each Attendance report available to you. You can use these reports to help understand and reflect on your clients' overall engagement. It is divided into two sections: Class and Appointments. Each section will have a list of reports you can expect to find on that page. 





All Attendances

This report provides a complete list of all attendances that have occurred within a selected time frame.



Attendance Limit Exceedances

This report shows a list of clients that have exceeded the amount of attendances allowed, based on their session membership limit.



Attendance Summary

This report shows the average attendance for each hour of each day of the week.



Attendance Trend

This report provides a list of clients and their average class attendance, by looking at average weekly attendance for the previous 4 weeks compared to the 4 weeks immediately prior to that.attendance_trend.png


Canceled Reservations

This report provides a list of all cancelled reservations. The Reservation Update Date column is the timestamp of when the reservation was changed by the client. The Time Difference in Hours column is the difference between when the class started and when the reservation was changed.



Class Reservations

This report will show current reservations and status from all clients.



Coaches and Classes

This report shows a list of Coaches and the number of classes that they have coached within the selected time frame.




This report shows a list of attendances that were recognized as drop-ins, as well as a chart that shows the total number of drop-ins per month.



Most Recent Attendance

This report shows information regarding the last time a client logged into class.



No Shows

This report contains a list of class reservations that were not met and a chart of client no shows.



Refused Logins

This report provides a list of clients that the system stopped from signing into class due to membership enforcement.





All Appointments

This report provides a list of all appointments created within your Wodify environment.



Appointments and Providers

This report shows the total number of appointments, hours worked by the providers, and hours of support clients have received for all appointments within the set period of time. Signed-in appointments, appointments with no-shows, and late cancellation clients will also be included.



Appointments by Service

This report shows the total number of appointments provided, grouped by service in a selected period of time.



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