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This article provides a brief description of each Attendance report available to you. You can use these reports to help understand and reflects on your clients' overall engagement. 


This article contains the following sections:


Attendance Reporting for Appointments

We have two Attendance Reports that are specific to Appointments. In this section, we will review those two articles.

Appointments and Providers Report:

The appointments and Providers Report will show the number of appointments per provider. This report will include No Shows and Late Cancellations. You can also filter this report by dates, or the services provided.


Appointments by Service:

The Appointments by Service report is going to show you how many past appointments were checked into and how many future appointments are booked for each service. This report can be filtered by date range.


Attendance Reporting for Classes

Athlete Attendance Trend:

The Athlete Attendance Trend report will show you a list of athletes and their average class attendance. It will also show their attendance trend over the past four weeks compared to the four weeks before.

  • Trend value definitions can be found by hovering over the "?" next to Trend

Athletes Last Attendance: 

The Athletes Last Attendance report will show you a list of your athletes and information on their attendance. This will include the default program, attendance limit, classes attended, weeks since their last attended class, and history of attendance. You also have the ability to filter this report by the program, or whether the athlete is active or not.

Athlete No Shows:

The Athlete No Show report will give you a full list of Athletes who had a reservation to attend a class but did not sign-in to the class. This report will give you information on the class that the athlete did not sign-in to. 

NOTE: You can remove Athlete No Shows from the Athlete No Show report by selecting "Remove" on the No Show. Once the No Show has been removed, it cannot be undone. 


Athletes with Session Memberships:

The Athletes with Session Membership report will give you information on clients on Session-Based memberships (like punchcards). In this report, you can find the membership name, the start date of the membership, the expiration date, the number of sessions purchased, the number of sessions used, the number of sessions remaining, and whether or not the session membership is currently active. 


Canceled Reservations:

The Cancelled Reservations report will give you a list of reservations that were canceled. You can filter this report to show All Cancellations, or Only Cancellation Policy Violations. This report can also be filtered by date. This report will include the class cancellation policy. 

NOTE: This report can be used to remove Late Cancellations from athlete profiles.  


Class Attendance Summary:

The Class Attendance Summary report will give you a chart of average class attendance. This report can be filtered by program, date range, class, and whether or not you'd like to include drop-ins into the chart. 


Coaches and Classes: 

The Coaches and Classes report will give you a list of Coaches and the number of classes that they have coached. This report can be filtered by program and date range. This report will also give you a detailed history of the classes coached by selecting "History" for the coach.


Current Athlete Reservations:

The Current Athlete Reservations report will give you a full list of all reservations made. This report can be filtered by program and type (Member, Drop-In, or Free Trial. You can also decide whether or not you would like to include Waitlist reservations in this report. 



The Drop-In report will give you a list of athletes that have dropped into classes. This report can be filtered by program, and date range. This report will include information on the class attended and the source of the drop-in. 


Exceeded Attendance on Limited Contracts:

The Exceeded Attendance on Limited Contracts report allows you to see all athletes who have exceeded their weekly/monthly membership attendance. The athlete’s name, their current membership, the number of allowed sessions, the number of sessions actually used, and the time period will be included.  In addition, the ‘History’ link will give you a brief overview of the athlete’s class sign-ins during that time period.  


This report can help you identify athletes who may be interested in an increased membership plan. It is also an important report to utilize if you do not use Membership Enforcement.  


Refused Logins:

The Refused Logins report is for admins that use Membership Enforcement. This report will give you a list of athletes that the system stopped from signing into class due to membership enforcement. This report will give you the athlete's name, the date, the class they attempted to sign into, and the error message they received. 


Total Attendance History:

The Total Attendance History report is a complete list of each instance that an athlete signs into a class in your gym.  Those who are looking for complete records of athlete attendances during a given amount of time, as well as what program and locations they attend, should refer to this report.  

Note: This report can also include inactive athlete attendance records as well.  Just be sure to ‘uncheck’ the box next to “Active Athletes Only?” to include attendance for inactive athlete accounts.  

Export this report for more details!

In addition to the athlete’s name, class name, location, program, class times, and coaches exporting this report to a spreadsheet will include details about the athlete’s username, email address, phone numbers, current membership, and payment plan details.  


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