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Wodify's Media Library creates a space for owners to upload videos, pictures, and documents into organized folders within Wodify. Owners can upload private content to be shared only amongst employees, or public-facing folders such as movement demo videos, nutrition guides, and more!


Since the Workout Builder and Component Library can pull images and video from the Media Library as well, this feature serves as a central storage hub for your business.  Clients can access this content anywhere, anytime, all through the Wodify Mobile app

In this article, we will cover:

Media Library Overview


Navigating Media Library

  1. New Page - for creating new .html pages

  2. My folder - your organization center for your files.

  3. Folder Actions - Add, Delete, or Rename folder

  4. Information panel - displays details on stored data

  5. Search - for searching stored files

  6. Preference - for choosing display and sorting preferences

  7. Upload - for adding new files to Media Library

Uploading Files

To upload a file:

  1. Click Upload
  2. This will open your computer's file system. Find the appropriate file and select it.
  3. Observe the progress bar, and close it when the upload reaches 100%


Uploading Folders

Rather than uploading images one at a time, you can also select an entire folder to upload from your computer. Rather than selecting an individual file, you'll simply upload the contents of a selected folder.

To upload a folder:

  1. Click the down arrow to the right of the Upload button
  2. Select Folder Upload. Find the appropriate folder within your computer and select it.
  3. Observe the progress bar, and close it when the upload reaches 100%.

Note: If you select a Media Library Folder in the left menu bar before uploading, then the folder you uploaded from your computer will appear as a Subfolder


Organization options in Media Library

Wodify Media Library supports the following file types: .mov, .mp4, .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .gif, .pdf, .txt, and .html



Pages are feature-rich documents that you can store in the Media Library. Each Page has a unique URL so that you can share these documents with your customers and coworkers with ease, or permitted clients can view them directly in the Wodify App.

These pages have a huge variety of multimedia uses - Progression details documents, Staff profiles, Gym Welcome documents, and more!


(example: Meet the Staff)

  1. Action menu to Copy, Delete, or Preview the page
  2. Formatting bar to add formatting to text, add images or videos in the document, or .html code!
  3. Shareable URL so that your page can be sent directly to external viewers
  4. Save Draft for setting your page aside to work on later.
  5. Publish when you want your page to be available in the Media Library.


Pages will automatically format and reshape to fit mobile screens as well


Creating a New Page

To create a new page:

  1. Click the + New Page at the top right.
  2. Enter your new page's name and organizational structure on the left
  3. Fill out your text field with as much or as little information as you'd like.
  4. If you want to save it for later without making it accessible, save it as a Draft
  5. If you're ready to share the document, click Publish

Client Permissions

The Permissions section allows you to determine who can access what in Wodify's Media Library. These permissions are determined based on segments, progressions, or program access. They are divided across the Folders in your Media Library.


View and Edit Permissions

(example: editing Karate Class permissions so that only people in the Karate progression can view content)


To view and edit permissions:

  1. Click Media in the main left toolbar
  2. Select Permissions
  3. To edit the permissions of a Folder, click the purple Pencil icon to open the Edit Permissions window
  4. Select the applicable program access, segment, or progression that should be able to view the content in this Folder.
  5. Click Save

Adding Files from Media Library in Workout Builder

Content from your Media Library can be directly added to Workouts. This way you can upload reusable images and videos to the media library and easily add them to workouts all within Wodify.

To add images to your workout from the Media Library:

  1. Drag the Image or Video button to your Workout
  2. Click Media Library (to the right of Attach)
  3. Select your image from the appropriate folder
  4. Click Choose

Adding Media Files to the Perform Library

Content from your Media Library can be directly added to your Component Library. This way, this content can be selected and reused when building your Custom Components for workouts.

To add images to your Component Library from the Media Library:

  1. Select +Component in the Component Library
  2. Click Media Library (to the right of Attach)
  3. Select your image from the appropriate folder
  4. Click Save

Note: this must be a .mov or .mp4 file


Media Access in the Wodify App

Since everyone has access to the Media Library, access to this feature in the app allows for staff to share photos to clients with no extra steps - This saves staff from emailing out event pictures to rosters or sending individual images on request, because it's all already there!


Content from the Media Library can be accessed by clients through the app, by navigating to Profile > Media. You can refer to the Permissions section of this article to control what Media files clients have access to.


If you need any additional assistance with Media Library, feel free to reach out to us at or via Priority Live Chat in your admin account (Promote only).





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