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Wodify's Custom Dictionary feature allows you to customize terms across your environment, in Wodify Core and the Mobile Client App, in just a few clicks.


In this article we will cover:


Enabling Custom Dictionary:

  • Account > Global Settings
  • Scroll down to Custom Dictionary
  • Toggle to enable > Save


Once you have enabled your Custom Dictionary, you will then be able to edit your dictionary terms!


Customizing your Custom Dictionary:

  • Click the pencil icon next to the term > Create the term
  • Click Save


Note: Indefinite articles now can have up to 5 letter characters instead of the previous 2 letter characters limit.


List of Customizable Terms:

The following terms can all be updated in Custom Dictionary. Please view the visual guide below for where you might find these terms in Wodify!

  • 1-time exercise: A single-use (unsaved) workout component inserted into Workouts in Wodify Perform
  • Administrative Fee: The processing fee viewable in Invoices when Pass on Processing Fees is enabled (Wodify Payments only)
  • Client: A person who uses a Wodify business (as a customer)
  • Contract: The documented and signed membership agreement between Client and Business, viewable in Documents.
  • Employee / Coach: A staff member at a Wodify business who teaches Classes
  • Leaderboard - a collection of scores for the day's workout, with ranking and filtering options
  • Level: Achievement benchmarks within a Progression
  • Progression: A ranking path made up of different levels, viewable under the People tab
  • RX - a tier for Workout scoring
  • Rx+ - a tier for Workout scoring
  • Scaled - a tier for Workout scoring
  • Workout: A series of exercises built in Wodify Perform
  • Class Plan - Class Plan membership is the most commonly used membership
  • Class Pack - A session membership with a specific number of classes they can attend over a period of time

If you need any additional assistance with the Custom Dictionary, feel free to reach out to us at or via Priority Live Chat in your admin account. 


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