The Workflow Builder

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This article focuses specifically on the Builder, the tool within Wodify Workflows wherein you can create your own custom automation recipes.

In this article, we'll address the following topics:

The Basics of Building

The step-by-step visual guide will walk you through the basics of triggers, actions, using data pills, and testing your work.



Monitoring for Errors

This step by step guide and video will show you how to build error monitoring into your custom recipe. This is highly recommended!



Enrollment and Un-enrollment

We recommend adding these actions to your custom workflows. Enrolling and un-enrolling a lead or client allows you to track their enrollment status within their Wodify profile.



Tip: If you want to make any customizations to the bootstrapped Wodify Bundles, make sure to clone them and move them over to the My Bundles>Recipes folder. Reason for this is; when we run an update, all customizations within the Wodify Bundles will be lost and revert back to the original.

  • To clone a recipe, simply click into the recipe and click the pages icon as seen here:



Tip: Tags can have spaces and are not case sensitive, but best practice is to make sure that the tags in Wodify match the tags in Workflows.


Note: Check out our article on Navigating Workflows to learn how to access dozens of pre-built Workflow recipes


Important Note for Safari Users

For some Mac users, the builder shows as a white screen in the Safari internet browser, due to cross-site tracking settings. This can be corrected by turning off Prevent Cross-Site Tracking in your Safari settings.



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