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How do I edit email signatures and the 'from label'?


Each location in Wodify can create its own email signature and 'From label' to apply to each email sent to your members.

Email Signatures allow you to add your own tagline, logos or any other information you wish to each email sent to members.

The 'Email From Address' let's you customize the 'From label' for each email sent from Wodify. By default, your 'From label' is "Wodify".

To create your Email Signature & 'From' label:

  1. Go to Wodify Admin > 'Communication' > 'Settings' > 'Email Signature'
  2. Choose your Location
  3. Under 'Email From Label' update the 'From Label' (we suggest your gym name as the 'From Label'
  4. Dynamic Fields are in place for the Email signature that pull directly from the your location's information. We do not suggest making any changes to these fields.



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