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Lead statuses allow you to track your Leads through different phases of your sales process. You can use the preconfigured statuses that Wodify provides, or you can create your own statuses, to assign to any Lead profile before they're converted to a Client.

Lead Statuses can be viewed in any Lead Profile for quick reference and will be tracked for Reporting & Insights purposes


In this article, we'll cover:


Lead Statuses Provided by Wodify

Here is a list of the Lead Statuses that come with Wodify by default, and a brief explanation of their functions:

  1. New - For brand-new potential clients; you have their info, but have not reached out yet
    • This is the default Lead Status for new leads created within Wodify or through a web form
    • Leads generated through your Free Trial or Free Intro Appointment are not given this status; they are automatically assigned as Trial clients
  2. Trial - Signals the lead is ready to attend their first class
    • Leads gathered through your Free Trial classes and Free Intro Appointments are assigned this status by default
    • Leads with the Trial status can be signed into any class by a Coach, Manager, or Admin
      • By default, this means that leads with the Trial status are asked to sign all published waivers in advance
    • Leads in 'Trial' status can sign in to the Coachboard
      • IMPORTANT! Any results logged to the lead will not be carried over if the lead is converted to a client
    • 'Trial' status label can be renamed to any status name you want (see Adding and Customizing Lead Statuses below)
  3. Contacted - Signals that an admin has communicated with the lead in some form
    • IMPORTANT: When an activity or email is logged against a Lead with a 'New' status, the lead's Lead Status will automatically change to 'Contacted'
      • This includes individual emails, Mass Emails, SMS updates, and Conversations emails
  4. Converted - applied once the Lead is converted to an Client in your system
    • Converted leads will automatically have their status changed to 'Converted'
    • IMPORTANT: Once a lead is converted their lead profile can no longer be edited
  5. Disqualified - Signals the lead has decided not to join your business
    • Disqualified leads can be edited and later changed to any other Lead Status, even converted to an Client
  6. Deleted - Signals the lead has been deleted from Wodify
    • The Deleted status is only applied if the Lead is manually deleted, from the Actions menu in their Lead Profile
    • Deleted leads can not be edited, and most info you have for them will be deleted
    • Deleted leads can not be reactivated; you will have to create a new Lead profile


Changing the Lead Status

While some Lead Statuses are updated automatically, you can manually change a Lead's status at any time through their Lead Profile

  • Go to People>Leads or use the Shift+S global user search, and click on the Lead's name to pull up their profile
  • In the Profile tab, under Personal Information, select the status from the Status drop down menu
  • Save your changes

Note: All Lead Statuses can be applied from this menu, except for the Deleted status. Leads are only assigned the Deleted status once they've been manually deleted using the Actions menu in their Lead Profile


Adding and Customizing Lead Statuses

While Wodify provides several Lead Statuses by default, you have the option to edit and add statuses, to tailor them to your Lead experience

  1. Go to People>Settings
  2. Click into the Lead tab at the top
  3. Scroll down to Lead Status

From here:

  • Add a new Lead Status by clicking on the + New Lead Status button and adding a name
  • Reorder the Lead Statuses by using the dots on the left of the list
  • Rename the Trial status or any custom status by clicking on the name of that status on the list

Note: It is not possible to delete a Lead Status. Custom statuses status can be switched off by clicking on their name, and toggling the "In Use" switch to off


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If you need any additional assistance with Lead Statuses, feel free to reach out to us at support@wodify.com or via Priority Live Chat in your admin account (Promote only).


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