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How do I adjust an auto renewing membership?


If you need to make an adjustment to an athlete's auto-renewing membership, you are able to generate the member's next membership. Their next invoice will be created, at which point you can apply any necessary discounts or adjust the number of available sessions. 

  1. Go to Wodify Admin > > 'People' > 'Athletes' > click your Athletes name
  2. Under 'Membership & Payments' click on the athletes active membership you would like to adjust
  3. Click the 'Actions' drop down menu > Click 'Generate Next Membership'
  4. Once this next membership has been generated an invoice will automatically be created for the next bill date. 

  1. You can view the generated membership in the athlete's profile under 'Memberships' 

NOTE: If this is an auto-renewing Session membership you will need to choose a start date of this next punch card plan. Monthly plans will automatically assume the next months bill date. 


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