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How do I manage comments and likes?


Admins are able to manage their gym's Comments and Likes to ensure that you are able to control the public messages on your gym's Whiteboard.

Admins can edit or delete any comment they wish

  • To edit or delete a comment, simply open the conversation and click the pencil icon next to the comment.  As the Admin, you can then choose to edit or delete this comment.

Banning Athletes from Comments or Likes

  • There may be multiple reasons to disable the comments/likes feature from an athlete. These could potentially include offensive language, the athlete is under 18, etc.  


🚫​  To disable comments/likes for an athlete:

  1. Log in to Wodify Admin
  2. Utilize Either the People > Athletes Search or the Global Search
  3. Search Athlete & Select their Profile
  4. Select the Profile Tab
  5. Scroll to Roles & Permissions Section
  6. Toggle to disable Allowed to Like and Comment Feature
  7. Select Save



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