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The Lead Form is an HTML web form for capturing leads and adding them to Wodify automatically, which can be added to any page on your website, including WordPress sites.  This web form allows visitors of your website a place to request more information about your business, and automatically puts that information into a Lead Profile in your Core account.


In this article, we'll cover:


Lead Form Setup

You'll want to set up the details for your Lead Form before generating it. First:

  1. Go to People>Settings
  2. Click into the Lead tab at the top of the page

In the Lead Form section, start with the Form Setup fields

  • Lead Form Redirect URL - this is the web address leads will be redirected to automatically after clicking Submit on your Lead Form
    • You can link to your class schedule, free trial signups, etc. here
  • Email Addresses - enter the email addresses that should be notified whenever someone fills out your Lead Form
    • You can enter multiple email addresses here, as long as you separate them with a semicolon (;)

In the Spam Protection section, you can add a reCaptcha widget that can prevent bots from mass-submitting Lead Forms; you're probably familiar with the "Prove you're not a robot" tests with most web forms. You'll have 2 options in the dropdown menu:

  • reCaptcha 2.0 - we strongly recommend using this, as it will prevent bot activity on your Lead Form.
    • Click on "Click here to register your domain with Google reCaptcha" and fill out the form to get the Site Key and Secret Key required here
  • No Spam Protection - this option will create the Lead Form without the "robot test", which means you are not protected from bot activity. We do not recommend using this option.


Generating the Lead Form Code

Once you've filled out the Form Setup and Spam Protection sections above, scroll down to Generate Lead Form and click + Generate New Lead Form

This will open a list of Attributes; different information you can collect from the Lead, like name and contact information

  • The left column of checkboxes will allow you to choose which information fields are included on your Lead Form
  • The right column of checkboxes will allow you to choose which information fields are required on your Lead Form
  • Name and Email Address will always be required, so you can contact them

Once you've chosen the included and required fields for your Lead Form, go ahead and click the Generate button at the bottom of the section. This will generate website code in the textbox on the right-hand side of this section, which you can copy and paste right onto your website.



If you need any additional assistance with the Lead Form, feel free to reach out to us at or via Priority Live Chat in your admin account (Promote only).


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