What Does Each Invoice Status Mean?



Wodify Invoices have 5 statuses. This article is intended to help you better understand what each status indicates. Please see the following definitions below:

  1. Unpaid
    • There has never been a successful transaction against the invoice
    • Unpaid invoices can have line items and header discounts added
    • Unpaid invoices can be voided
  2. Paid
    • The amount of the invoice has been paid in full
    • Returns, full refunds, and partial refunds can be applied to Paid invoices
    • Invoices can never be partially paid - they must be paid in full
  3. Partially Refunded
    • Only part of the paid amount has been returned to the customer
    • An invoice will remain partially refunded until the full amount paid has been returned
    • You can not make a payment on a partially refunded invoice
  4. Refunded
    • The full amount of the invoice has been returned to the customer
    • Full returns are also considered 'Refunded'
  5. Voided
    • The invoice has been canceled and can never be processed
    • You can only set Unpaid invoices to Voided


If you have any further questions about Invoice Statuses, reach out to our team at support@wodify.com or via Priority Live Chat in your admin account (Promote only).


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