Creating A Contract Template

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Membership contracts can be created within Wodify and will be tied to your Membership Templates. Contracts are used to provide clarity and transparency for you and your Clients regarding their Memberships.

Creating a Membership Contract

NOTE: You must create your contract before assigning memberships to clients. Contracts cannot retroactively be added to memberships.

To create a Membership Contract:

  1. Go to Digital Presence > Documents > Contracts
  2. Click + ContractCreating A Contract Template.jpg
  3. Contract Name: Fill in the Name of the Contract
  4. Who Needs to Sign This Contract?: Select the Appointment or Class membership plans this contract will need to be associated with
  5. Automatically apply to all new Membership Templates: If toggled to yes this contract will be applied to any newly created membership templates in the future
  6. Information to Collect: Basic details that will be required for the client to fill out such as Name, Address, DoB, Etc. 
  7. Payment Plan Terms: View a sample of the Payment Plan Terms that will appear in the Client's membership contract. These Payment Plan Terms will be auto-filled in the Membership Contract based on the Individual Client's Membership. The Client will need to initial to agree to these terms.
  8. Contract Terms: The main outline of what the client will be agreeing to. These terms are the policies and rules set forth by your place of business that the client must agree to during the contract signing process. Type [initial] at any point in your terms and this will create a spot in the contract for your client to acknowledge your terms.
    • Best Practice: This is a great place to include information such as:
      • Class No-Show and Class Cancellation Policy
      • Membership Cancellation Policy and Timelines
      • Safety and facility guidelines
      • Equipment courtesies and considerations
  9. Contract Email: This is an Email Template to be sent to Clients notifying them that they have an unsigned contract that will need to be signed. Using the [contractlink] tag in the body of your message will place a link to this contract for the client to fill out online. 
  10. Publish Contract: 

    • Draft - This will save the contract template. It will not be available to sign.

    • Published -  The contract will be live and available to sign.

  11. Save


More Information:

TIP: Wodify Blueprint Course - Protect your business with contracts and waivers

If you need any additional assistance with Creating Contracts, feel free to reach out to us at or via Priority Live Chat in your admin account (Promote only).


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