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How do I create a Membership contract?


Membership contracts can be created within Wodify and will be tied to your membership templates.

To create a Membership Contract: 

  1. Go to Wodify Admin > 'Documents' > 'Contracts'
  2. Click 'Templates' > 'New Contract'
  3. Name the contract and choose the information that you would like to make mandatory from the athletes

View a sample of the Payment Plan Terms that will appear in the athlete's membership contract. These payment plan terms will be auto-filled in the membership contract based on the individual athletes' membership. The athlete will need to initial to agree to these terms. 

  1. Paste or type the terms of your Membership Policy into the available text box and add an '[initial]' text after any section for which you would like the athletes to initial.
  2. View and edit the Email Template that is sent to athlete's notifying them that they have an un-signed contract that will need to be signed. 
  3. Choose the Membership template(s) this contract is assigned to.
    • NOTE: The athlete will have to signed the membership contract that is associated with their specific Membership Template. 
  4. Choose whether you would like to collect Credit card payment information if not already on file
  5. Save this as 'Published' or 'Draft' - if you do not want your athletes to have the ability to sign this contract
  6. Click 'Save'


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