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How do I enable Membership Enforcement?


When enabled, Membership Enforcement prevents athletes with inactive membership plans from creating reservations and signing into the Coachboard. It also prevents them from signing into more sessions than their membership allows and/or from signing into a class or making reservations at a location in which they do not have a membership (multi-location gyms).

To enable Membership Enforcement:

  1. Click 'Classes' > 'Settings' > 'Membership' > ‘Attendance’
  2. Click 'Membership Enforcement'
  3. Click the 'Enable' button

Important: If you have an active membership and are on the waitlist for a class but do not have a reservation, this wait list spot will NOT count against your membership or available sessions.


Once Membership Enforcement is enabled, you have the option to choose enforcement options for both Limited Contracts (e.g. 2x or 3x per week), or Session Memberships (e.g. punch cards)


Limited Contract & Sessions Enforcement Options:

  1. Count & Hide all Messages: this option will count your athlete's attendance but will not prevent them from signing in or making reservations beyond their limit.
  2. Count & allow over sign-in but display warnings: The system will notify the athlete how many sessions they have used and how many are remaining, but will not prevent them from signing in.
  3. Count & prevent sign-in if all sessions used in period: this option will prevent athletes from signing in or making reservations once they have reached their limit.


From this page, you are also able to set a Daily Reservation Limit. Please note that Membership Enforcement does not need to be enabled to use this setting.


TIP: Once all athletes at your box have an active membership assigned to their account within Wodify, enable membership enforcement and prevent sign-in if all sessions have been used. This will prevent you from losing revenue and will allow you to identify those members who should upgrade or renew their membership.


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