Updating Your Wodify Subscription Payment Method




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For Tiered Pricing Customers:

You have two options:

  1. Schedule a Call to update the card on file. 
  2. If you prefer, you are able to email support@wodify.com to have them send you a Credit Card Authorization form.

Please Note: We intend on changing billing systems in the future and this will become a self-service function.


For Legacy Pricing Customers:

(Applies to a small group of Admins with accounts from 2017 and Before)

  1. Select Business
  2. Select Payment & Billing
  3. Select + New Payment Method in the Top Right Corner


    If your invoice was overdue and you are updating your payment method, your card will be charged immediately upon being added to the Wodify System.



To remove your previous payment method:

  1. Select Edit next to the method you'd like to remove
  2. Select the option to Delete

If you have multiple locations you are able to add a payment method for each individual location, and a separate invoice will be created for each location.


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