I received an email from Wodifried.com or Wodifymail.com, is this legitimate?


Wodify may send you emails from two different domains wodifried.com and wodifymail.com. If you have received an email from either of these addresses, rest assured they are from us. 


Why do you do this? 

We primarily use these domains instead of wodify.com to protect the address from bad actors who seek to compromise the data integrity of Wodify and place your personal data at risk. 


How can I easily identify your emails? 

You can add both of these email domains to your contact list, so any emails are recognized as coming from Wodify. For more information about this please see Whitelisting Wodify emails 


Why are you Emailing me? 

Most emails will come from the fitness business you belong to, but are sent through Wodify's built-in communication system. 


What should I do if I'm concerned about the content of an email? 

If you are ever concerned about the content of an email or what is being requested of you, please reach out to an employee at the fitness business you belong to, or feel free to send us an email at support@wodify.com.



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