Will Wodify prorate a client's payment?


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Sometimes you want invoices to prorate for your Clients, and sometimes you don't!
Let us help you clarify this process! This article will walk through which billing dates will prorate, an example of a prorated invoice, and more!

  • If you have your default settings set to have a Client's payment run on a particular date - 1st of the Month, 15th of the Month or Last Day of the Month - these dates will always pro-rate accordingly.
  • If you have your default settings set to have a Client's payment run on Membership Start Date, then these invoices will not prorate. 

For more information about invoice settings check out this help article: Invoice Configurations


Example of a Pro-Rated Invoice:



Keep in mind that you are always able to adjust this on a Per-Client basis if you are wanting only a certain client to receive a pro-rated payment; or to not receive a pro-rated payment via the Billing Date while adding a membership to a Client's profile:




If you typically bill Clients on a particular date (1st, 15th or Last Day of the Month) - and you are wanting to create a monthly membership that does not follow this same proration option - then you will want to create this new membership as a 4-Week Membership instead of a Monthly Membership.



NOTE: Please reach out to support@wodify.com if you have any further questions on the promotions of Client Payments, or via Priority Live Chat in your admin account (Promote only).


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