Using WodiFind


WodiFind is a tool that clients can use to find Wodify-Powered businesses while they travel. This will ensure that clients' performance results can still be added to their Wodify Account while at their non-default business. 

How to use WodiFind:

  1. Login to the Wodify Mobile App from your mobile device
  2. Go to Profile Tab > Gear Icon (Top-right) > WodiFind
  3. Select "Allow While Using the App" when prompted for location access permissions
  4. Tap the top-right map icon to search for businesses at your current location
  5. You can also use the search bar to find businesses at a searched location
  6. Scroll horizontally by swiping on the bottom boxes
  7. Tap on a box to learn more about a business and to see their business information as well as Drop-In Rates


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